Why becoming a father at 42 will only make your trips that much more fun

This is our little family on a fall stroll at Minnehaha Falls

Molly and I first met on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in late September at Minnehaha Falls, and we quickly found out our shared passion for the outdoors, for the “spur of the moment” adventure-whether it meant a Sunday-fun day drinks and biking around the lakes or domestic / international travel.

Three weeks later we took our first trip together, a weekend getaway  in Bayfield, Wisconsin, and we realized we would be in for the long run.

Several trips and many local adventures happened in the first two years of our relationship, so when we decided to form a family we were very committed to being good parents while also keeping something close to our lifestyle.

As we awaited baby Miles we were lucky to meet other late bloomers who were first-time parents and who had managed to keep very active and still traveling. That served as a huge encouragement.

Fatherhood has been a blast!

Yes, I have had to make adjustments and compromises, especially in the first three months- for some crazy reason when you are sleep deprived, and you will with an infant, an additional hour of sleep sounds so much better than that skate skiing hour in sub zero temps.

But for the most part we are fairly active and have been traveling. Miles was two months old on his first trip to San Fran, and we just came back from a two-week trip to Norway and Germany- I used to be that guy on the plane frowning at that couple with a baby, and now I am that parent following his rugrat on his endless crawling loop on the airplane aisles!

So this blog aims to be an account of our travel with a baby, including all of the mishaps that have made it that much worth it and we hope first-time parents can feel reassured that welcoming a baby doesn’t mean the end of life as they know it.

I have always been a gear head and a brand person because brands stand for something and I like anything that takes a stand with a mission statement. Lucky for me, a baby comes with its fair share of researching comparing and deciding among several options of anything ranging from a car seat to formula.

While the above is definitely exciting, it can be stressful when you factor in safety for your child and that suddenly stretched family budget.

Fortunately, I was able to find some good review sites and blogs that helped us narrow our options, so I intend to use this blog as a way to share insights on the gear we actually use.

Lastly, this blog is a testament of how important Molly has been in “fanning the passion for travel” as well as keeping it all together when things go awry- have I mentioned she was first and I was last in that line where God gave patience? Molly is an amazing mom and I cannot wait to keep adding to our miles with Miles.

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