About the author

IMG_3521Welcome to my blog!

My name is Jose Manuel-most people call me “JM”- and I am a proud Mexican who has lived in this amazing blend of urban landscapes and gorgeous outdoors called Minneapolis for the last 10 years. And, because I always had a fascination for the US since childhood, I feel blessed that I get to live my dream every single day.

I have always been passionate about travel, something that Molly and I made a priority  to keep as we were welcoming our son Miles.

That is Miles and I during a crab dinner cruise around the Oslo fjord- this last-minute decision on a rainy Sunday ensured we had a boat with half the occupancy, thus 3 boiled crabs per person, which  is as close as it gets to a all-you-can-eat-crab cruise outside America!

The idea of this blog was given to me by our friend Amber G who suggested we started something that would tell our friends and family more about our trips that what social media can. Thank you Amber for the inspiration!

I am absolutely crazy about the four seasons Minnesota has to offer, and you will most likely find me Nordic skiing during our snowy winters, mixing a bike ride, or run, with a lake swim during our summers and running / roller skiing during our springs and falls.

During my downtime I like to watch Law & Order marathons or playing the electric guitar.

I like quoting movies and referencing a hilarious social meme, and this blog will have plenty of it.


said finger-licking crabs